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A Kentucky coffeetree has been planted near the main gate in Leicester Road to replace the large Turkey Oak which had become dangerous and was removed. We hope to change the sign next to it in due course -- it still says Turkey Oak at the moment.

We didn't hold a party in the gardens in 2017 as we were all a bit busy. If you would like to help organise a get-together in 2018, perhaps for Love Parks Week in July (the exact date is to be confirmed), do get in touch (email address in image at foot of page).

The gardens were featured in High Living in April, with loads of photos. Thanks Lucy!

There will be no more regular first-Saturday-of-the-month gardening sessions for the moment, as a lot of us have other commitments. But do get in touch (email at foot of page) if you would like to do some gardening.

The friends group has bought two new steel benches for the two hexagonal concrete bases near the pond. This was paid for out of the remaining lottery money. The pump is now working again, even though the water level is a bit low. There are plenty of fish in the pond -- they are still happy as the pond is quite deep.

We have discovered that there is a page about Highlands Gardens on a web site run by the London Parks and Gardens Trust. It has some historical information that we do not have.

Highlands Gardens is a public garden in Barnet, North London, UK. The main entrance is at the junction of Abbotts Road and Leicester Road, New Barnet. Near postcode EN5 5EB. map. There is another entrance on Prospect Road.

It is open from dawn to dusk every day. The gates are locked at night. It closes at 4.30pm between November and February.

We have turned off the comment facility which we used to have on the home page. We suggest that everyone continues the conversation on Nextdoor (nextdoor.co.uk), where more people will see the messages. The gardens are in the area called New Barnet North. (We used to have a link to Streetlife here. Streetlife has now been taken over by Nextdoor). If you are not local, join us on Facebook.