Minutes 13 October 2015


Present:     Apologies:
Angela Lodge
Anna Cordell (Secretary)
Duncan Macdonald (Chair)
Charles Wicksteed
    Rebecca Hanley
Helen Oubridge (Treasurer)
Patrick Gaskell-Taylor


Helen is taking Adam Hewson off as signatory for the FoHG bank account as he has moved to another area.  Charles is being added.  Douglas and Helen remain as the other signatories.


Martin Thompson, Projects and Community Support Officer, Green Spaces and Streetscene, emailed Charles about getting an update on the ‘Adopt a Place’ scheme. So that Martin can see the park, he has arranged to meet with Charles on Thursday 22nd at 2.30pm at Charles’ house. If anyone wishes to join them with a tour of the park, please come to Charles' house at 18 Abbotts Road at 2.30pm.

Before meeting with Martin, Charles updated him in an email about the work that the gardening club do to keep things going: “We operate a sort of informal triage system: (i) some parts are so overgrown that we are going to have to let the proper plants go, eg I doubt that the Alliums in the south-east corner will flower next year (ii) some plants we make a real effort for, eg there is one candelabra primula left, and I have been watering some newly-planted azaleas (iii) some plants we clear around when we can to give them a chance, (iv) the stronger plants have to fend for themselves.”

In March, Elee, from Green Spaces, Barnet Council, informed Charles that they had lost the paperwork regarding the ‘Adopt a Place’ scheme and could he re-do it. Charles queried whether to continue with it as the tops of the new maple plants were cut off by the Council.

The noise level in the park seems to be down - there was nothing to report.

Someone had a go at moving the planks off the top bridge. Tape was across it. It has now been mended with new planks.


There is still no news about updating the pump, which needs to be fixed. The new pipe is in.

Gardening Club

The suckers were cut in the meadow - old roots had grown up. Some of the seeds have taken.

Angela asked whether the meadow was scythed. Charles didn’t think so.

It was felt that the meadow could do with a sign noting the meadow, so that people don’t think it is a piece of land that hasn’t been tended. We have the money for a sign. We will have a discussion about this at the next meeting. Suggested words for the sign could be “Wildflower Meadow”.

Charles has been watering the azalea under the pine tree.

Angela still has an acer to give to the gardens. She is tending to it and it is still in good condition.

The park is looking cleaner. People seem to be keeping it better.

There is work to be done in the gardens. Discussion to be deferred until Helen is here.


The FoFG Party on 12th September went well but attendance was down.

Date for next meeting

To be held on Tuesday 23rd February 2015 @ 8pm, at Charles’, 18 Abbotts Road, EN5 5DP