Minutes 12th June 2013

Highlands Gardens Committee Meeting

Wednesday 12th June 2013

Present:     Apologies:
Helen Oubridge
Charles Wicksteed
Ian Wilson
Adam Hewson
Duncan McDonald
    Rebecca Hanley
Katy Staton
Angela Lodge
Anna Cordell

1. Progress report: The procurement and tendering process was handled almost completely by Barnet, saving us a lot of time and also ensuring all the relevant paperwork was to their satisfaction. On 20th June Katy Staton will be meeting with people from Barnet Council to assess the tenders which have been received and decide which companies should be invited for interview. Duncan suggests we ask each company that one of their representatives sent to the interview is the proposed site foreman to ensure we can work with the person on site. Ian is interested in being involved in the interview stage. Adam asked whether they will suck or dig out the silt. KS

2. When Angela sent her apologies, she also sent a photograph given to her by a friend, of Highlands Gardens when some of the beds were planted with bedding plants. Helen will try to scan it so the picture can go on the website and facebook page. No date on the photograph, but possibly mid 70s? HO

3. Gardening Club: This was well attended last weekend, with a new family getting involved too. The next date for gardening is Saturday 6th July from 10-12. IW

4. Charles will update the website with new dates. (Please post a copy of these minutes too) CW

5. Tree Trail: Barnet will definitely pay for this if Helen can reconfigure the signs to fit 4” posts. HO

6. Tarmac-ed paths: We are all very pleased with the new surface for the paths, as far as it goes. Rebecca is looking at a grant from Pocket Parks and it was decided that we would like her to apply for the money to improve the rest of the paths so access for everyone is improved. RH

7. We discussed what may happen with the stream bed if all the grant money is used on the pond and Ian thinks it would be possible for the Friends to at least patch the stream and reduce the water loss.

8. The Picnic in the Park (Grub in the Gardens? – No, just joking!) Is still on for Sunday 1st September. More discussion about that at the next meeting.

9. Ian has been trying to establish some plants on the arch, but so far with little success as so many people climb it. While working on it he thinks he has noticed that it has moved a bit more recently, possibly since a nearby tree has been removed and the drainage improved. Helen will ask Rob Wiltshire if he has any photographs for comparison to see what is going on. HO

10. As soon as we have a date for the work on the pond to start we will get a newsletter out with the proposed timetable of work and an explanation of what is happening. Also a reminder about the date for the Party and any news of a further grant.

11. Another question for Rob Wiltshire is will council contractors be able to clear the unwanted vegetation on the rock faces near the waterfall once the pond is empty? It would be a good opportunity to get access to otherwise inaccessible areas. HO

Next meeting: Tuesday 23rd July 8:00pm in Highlands Gardens to review progress!

Coffee after at a venue to be agreed.