Minutes 24 July 2014


Present:     Apologies:
Anna Cordell (Secretary)
Angela Lodge
Helen Oubridge (Treasurer)
Adam Hewson
Charles Wicksteed
    Patrick Gaskell-Taylor
Rebecca Hanley

Info via Helen Oubridge from Rob Wiltshire

As per Rob’s email, a new stream pipe has been put in but he wants to leave the old pipe there, which is the same size as the old one. They had to dig it by hand to avoid damage to the tree roots.

The maple tree by the gate is dead due to bark being ripped off. HO asked why the two maples at the top have been taken down.

The medlar tree to the left of the pergola is broken. (not heard back yet)


There is still £3,000 in the account. HO asked Rob if we needed anything, ie, inspecting the pipe – but he didn’t ask for any. We will hold on to the money for the party. We will also need money for insurance.

At the party, we could have a donation box towards insurance for the following year. We have £120 from subs from subscriptions this year.

New Bench

We discussed having a hexagonal bench facing across the pond. It needs to be ‘vandal proof’. Angela mentioned a material that looks like rustic wood, but is a kind of resin. She will ask her friends for the information. AL

Adopt a Place scheme

We have ‘adopted a place’ from the Barnet ‘Adopt a place scheme’. The scheme is to encourage people to look after an area, to engender pride in your area – and to keep costs down. We have adopted all the flower beds. Charles filled them in inside the little fences around the main pond. The We are responsible for the weeding and caring for the flower beds and compost. The Council can do the rest, ie, mow and cut the grass. We had to get three people to sign up over a 2-week period. Council owns the right to inspect what we are doing. If at any point we feel that we are not doing it justice, we can revert it.


The carp have multiplied.

The duckweed is coming back but it absorbs nitrates. An algae is on top, which is like seaweed. Oxygenating weed has been put there – it is quite fibrous.


We discussed the date for the next party and agreed that Saturday 27th September would be good. Adam can put out the newsletter on week of 8th September. He will write it with Helen. AH,HO

  • Food – We will get the food from Sainsbury’s – probably sandwiches and cake

  • Adam will bring the gas cylinder
  • Helen will provide the tables and tents (from Cromer Road)
  • We suggested that Rebecca could organise the food – to include vegetarian (Bex – hope that’s OK with you?)
  • Games – we will ask Nick and Ian to do games as they did it so well at the last one.
  • Duck race – if the pond is fixed we could do another duck race – Helen will purchase the ducks.
  • We will invite Rob Wiltshire to attend.

Next Gardening Club

Bracken is disappearing.

Next Highlands Gardens Committee meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th September at Helen’s @ 8.30pm. This will be mainly for discussing the party and the newsletter. Mail the webmaster (address at the foot of the page) for the location, all welcome.