Minutes 9 September 2014


Present:     Apologies:
Anna Cordell (Secretary)
Patrick Gaskell-Taylor
Angela Lodge
Duncan Macdonald
Helen Oubridge (Treasurer)
Charles Wicksteed
    Adam Hewson
Ian Wilson

New Benches

Angela informed us that vandal proof benches can be purchased and are made of recycled plastic. We have agreed that we would like to purchase and raise funds for 3 or 4 hexagonal benches to be placed around the pond, where they used to be until they were vandalised some years ago. Helen will try to contact the London Business Park and will mention this to Rob Wiltshire. She will also google ‘memorial bench Barnet’. HO


Adam will create the newsletter. It will include information on the following:

  • Highlands Gardens party on Saturday 27th September – weather dependent. Photo of last party; people to be asked to bring chairs or picnic mats. Donation buckets will be handed around – optional donations.
  • Trench digging for the pipe.
  • Pond has carp and other fish, which have multiplied. Pond water is low – there is a lot of rain needed.
  • ‘Adopt a Place’ scheme; work on the flowerbeds (Charles to provide) CW
  • Crack in pond to be redone by Barnet.
  • ‘Thank you’ to dog walkers keeping park clean.
  • Last gardening club will be on 4 October, next one February 2015
  • Police notice.
  • £5 contributions would be appreciated to help with HG’s committee’s work and admin.
  • If you would like anything else added, please contact Adam


It will take place on Saturday 27th September 2-4pm. (Helpers to arrive at 1pm) If it rains it will be cancelled.

  • Free food and refreshments - Helen & Rebecca will order. HO, RH
  • Gazebos – Helen will get 3 from Cromer Road school. HO
  • Helen will invite Rob Wiltshire and members of Green Spaces. HO
  • Games – Nick Oubridge and hopefully Ian Wilson. NO, IW
  • No duck race, due to no running water.
  • Hot burners – Adam will provide. AH
  • There will be donation buckets.
  • We need the keys to the loos. Helen will ask Rob. HO
  • Helen will ask Brian Carroll if he will play his acoustic guitar.
  • Charles will put the party info up on the Street Life website nearer the time CW

Rob Wiltshire

Helen will send Rob an email with various queries:

  • Mulch needed for the flower beds
  • Meadow needs to be mowed
  • Keys to the loos for the party
  • Query about the medlar and maple trees by the gate
  • New benches

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 28th January, 8.30pm @ Charles’ – 18 Abbotts Road, EN5 5DP