Minutes 28 January 2015


Present:     Apologies:
Anna Cordell (Secretary)
Patrick Gaskell-Taylor
Angela Lodge
Helen Oubridge (Treasurer)
Charles Wicksteed
Ian Wilson
    Adam Hewson
Duncan Macdonald (Chair)
Rebecca Hanley

Chair - Helen Oubridge         Minutes by Anna Cordell/Patrick Gaskell-Taylor 3/2/2015


We have £3000 left over from the grant.


Charles and Helen had a walk around and the gardens look tidy. More bark chippings have been laid. A tree has been taken down. An evergreen needs to be taken down as well as a maple tree near the entrance. Contractors have over-trimmed things. They trimmed the holly by the pond, although they could have done with cutting it right down.


The pond is nice and full. The top bridge needs painting - it was suggested to paint it with red hammerite. Helen will get some. HO

There was talk in previous meetings to get a pond dipping platform, however, it was agreed that it would not be used.

Ian would like to hook up some kind of filter to plug from the toilet, in order to assist in cleaning the pond, to remove fine sediment.

A crack in the side of the pond is still there. Ian offered to buy sealant from Wildwoods in Cruise Hill.

Most of the koi and other fish have been eaten by the heron. Ian will also purchase a false heron (approx. £20), which will hopefully act as a deterrent. It will be placed on the island and attached to a pole to help avoid being stolen. Ian will also put in some baby goldfish. IW

Dog mess

Most people pick up their dog’s mess. A few don’t.


The pump is still not going, although it doesn’t work when it’s very cold. The Council were talking about moving the pump but Charles and Helen don’t think they should or need to move it.

A new pipe is in.

Gardening Club

The next gardening club will take place on the first Saturday of February. Ian has put up a sign for the club. It is weather dependent, however and if weather is bad, it will be cancelled.

We look after the flower beds within the fence. Contractors look after trees and grass. They need mulch, which is better than wood chipping. Best to put out when ground is warm - maybe ask to deliver early June and distribute around 6 June.

Tasks: Clean leaves out of pond; pick up sedge weed; clear the stream bed of leaves and debris.


Helen spoke to Rob Wiltshire about getting new benches. He said that he would look at a design for a hexagonal shape but has not yet come back to us. Helen will approach RW again. She will also talk about the pump as it is still not fixed. HO

Party last September

It was a great success and around £100 was raised.


The HG AGM will take place on Tuesday 28 April 2015, 8pm, @ Charles Wicksteed’s, 18 Abbott’s Road, EN5. We can discuss ideas as to how to spend the money after the benches have been bought.


The Newsletter needs to be circulated before the HG AGM, w/c 3 April. Douglas is still happy for his company to photocopy the Newsletter for circulation.

Plans for next year

HG Party discussed to take place around Sat 12th September 2015 @ 2pm.