Editor's Instructions (by Charles)

Logging In

Log in under "editor login" at the top. The menus change when you log in -- more items get added to enable you to change things on the site. These items disappear again when you log out, and ordinary users don't see them.

Editing a Page

To edit a page, navigate to that page and click the "edit" tab at the top. Edit the content, then click "Submit" at the bottom.

Making a new page

Click on "create content" on the left.

Click on "page".

Fill in the Title. Put the text in the Body. Leave a blank line between paragraphs. You can use a limited set of HTML markup tags, as listed below the Body box.

You can leave "Log message" blank.

Click on "Menu settings" near the bottom.

You must fill in the Title here too, or the page will not appear on the menu. This is what appears in the menu and can be different if you want.

You can leave Description blank.

Under "Parent item":

  • Select "Navigation" for a top level page.
  • Select a sub-item for a lower level page.

"Weight" controls the order of the items in the menu. You can leave it at 0 or choose a different value to move it up or down. You have to do "edit" on the other pages to see what weight they have got.

Click Submit. There is no need to Preview -- no-one is watching, and you can always go back and change it.

Adding a picture

Click on the heading "File attachments" near the bottom on the editing page.

Browse for the file.

Click Attach.

Untick the List tick. If you don't do this, the attachment will be listed at the bottom of the page. This is useful for document attachments.

Add a tag like this where you want the file to appear:

<img src="files/pt1.JPG"/>


Changing the Image in the Top Banner

If you add an image with a name that starts "tb_" then it is used for the image at the top of that page. I have standardised on 527 x 164 pixels, but you can use any size within reason.

"tb_" stands for "top banner", and I have added an underbar to make it even less likely that someone will accidentally add an image with a name like that. Using the name to control it was much easier to implement than adding a checkbox.

If there is no such image, the default image "/hg/themes/hgtheme/logo.png" is used. This is currently a picture of the gates.

If there is more than one image whose name starts "tb_", the most recent one is used. This makes it easy to change the image and still keep the old one on the server in case you want to use it again another time, or on another page (to do that you have to download it to your PC and upload it again on the other page).

Further Reading

For documentation on Drupal, look at the End User Guide.