Minutes 23 February 2016


Present:     Apologies:
Angela Lodge
Ian Wilson
Roz Wilson
Charles Wicksteed
Helen Oubridge
Patrick Gaskell-Taylor
    Rebecca Hanley
Anna Cordell
Duncan Macdonald
Dave Nyman

Litter Pick

We are holding a litter pick in the gardens on Saturday 5th March 2016 at 10am as part of the Clean for The Queen weekend.


Dave reported before the meeting that he spoke to the workmen mending the stream bed before Christmas. They had trouble with the outside water pressure dislodging the cement, but managed to make it watertight in the end. It seems to be holding water OK now.

Bank Account

Charles's name has been added to the bank account as an additional signatory.


We still have about £3,000 in the bank account. The insurance is due to be renewed soon -- Helen will renew it.

Laurels and Acer

The council team have cut back the laurels near the middle bridge, where the Acer has died. Helen has cut down the dead Acer. The area is ready for planting the new Acer that Angela has. We will aim to plant it on 5th March.


Helen has not heard back about bench suppliers from Barnet or Enfield. We may have to find our own supplier.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday 20 April 2016 at 8pm at Charles’, 18 Abbotts Road, EN5 5DP


We will aim to produce a newsletter in time to publicise the AGM.